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Established in 1994.

Torrie's Bail Bonds was established in 1994 by Torrie N. Spatcher who was inspired by Arthur Threats. Mr. Threats was an Orlando native that started his Bail Career in Eatonville, Florida. Working alongside Mr. Threats Torrie expanded her knowledge of bail and became one of the youngest female owners in 1994.  Mr. Threats mentored Torrie as well as Chelsa (baldy) Williams of Chelsa Williams Bail Bonds into successful Bail Agents as well as agency owners. His commitment and loyalty to the community is what inspired us to pursue individual careers.  We adopted Mr. Threats philosophy of community first and have aided and assisted so many in our neighboring Paramore/Pinehills communities.  Our company mission has always been to make things fair and easier for the home town families that may not have collateral, but have honesty and integrity. Throughout the years we have been supportive to the people we have served and have accomplished being great leaders and partners.  Torrie and Chelsa together has written over 160,000 bonds most without collateral to help people gain their freedom in the absence of collateral.  We have counseled our clients by encouraging new growth and have deterred repeat violators.  We have been a best friend and stern voice in the community and strive to deliver the most professional service available in this industry. 

serving all of Central Florida, Orange, Lake, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard, Volusia, Polk and many more...

Orange County Jail information, visitation, writing an inmate and depositing money in the inmates account.

PreTrial Release

We specialize in you, your FREEDOM and the preservation of life while out on Bail. Torrie's Bail Bonds has been in the business of Bail for more than 25 years.  We are experienced and knowledgeable about the process of being out on Bail.  We have programs and informational services in place to help you remain on bail and living your life while awaiting trial.  Please call or stop in to see what services we may be able to extend to you. 

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By Appointment



Arrested in the Orange County Jail, searching for a Bail Agent near me

We offer Bail all throughout the State of Florida.  We were the first company in the Central Florida area to offer the Electronic Bail System.  This system allows us to transmit a bond via electronic portal in 30 seconds to any jail who accepts the electronic method of delivery.  Torrie's Bail Bonds have developed a simple streamline process that is convenient and less time consuming. 

Process Server


Our team of registered process servers has been assisting both individuals and Attorneys in the Ninth Judicial Circuit since 2010.  The current area of coverage are Orange, Osceola and Brevard Counties.  Our process serving, court filing and skip tracing services are fast, reliable and unmatched.  We have served some of the most difficult documents with sleak stealth like professionalism.

Torrie's Bail Bonds is dedicated to serving your documents in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Our dedicated staff of Registered Process Servers take pride in their ability to “get the job done.”

GPS Monitoring

Gps Monitoring System


Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) monitoring, also known as ankle monitors, are seeing a lot more use within the criminal justice system.

Many times the Judge issuing a bail bond will also set forth specific conditions as well as a monetary responsibility. A part of the bond conditions may be the installation of an ankle monitor prior to release from the detention facility. Torrie's Bail Bonds can help you secure your freedom while complying with all the conditions set out by the bail bond terms and conditions.

Addiction and Substance Abuse HELP!

Torrie's Bail Bonds along with our partners are thrilled to announce our joining of forces to address the need for substance abuse and rehabilitation for our clients will real immediate assistance.  We are delighted to join the team of Interventionist and help guide our clients to a new, healthy drug and alcohol free life. If you or a loved one are in need of help, please reach out to us NOW for assistance. 

Drug Testing


When the court decides that a condition of a bail bond (pretrial), or that as part of a sentence (post disposition), there may be mandatory drug testing, Torrie's Bail Bonds can help you.

We use an FDA approved transdermal patch that has been upheld by the US Appellate Courts as a valid and reliable testing methodology. The patch is worn against the skin to enable it to absorb body sweat. The reactive chemicals within the patch will indicate whether the person wearing it has been exposed to narcotics after it has been submitted to the lab.

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